Flooring Tips

Cleaning care and maintenance


Vacuum regularly. To spot clean use a carpet cleaner and a white cloth to remove. Blot the stain, avoid rubbing or using bristles/brushes as they can damage the carpet or worsen the stain. And be sure not to leave soap residue in the carpet as this will attract more dirt and leave an even larger stain.

For pet urine stains

Use an enzyme based cleaner. DIY cleaner- use an ammonia solution, then a combination of detergent and warm water. For existing stains mix 1/3 vinegar 2/3 water to help remove the stain. Test the carpet cleaner before applying to the site of the stain.

Luxury Vinyl Planking (LVP)

Sweep regularly. Mop weekly to help remove the dirt and debris.

Treating stains

Clean from the outside of the stain working your way in. Once the spill has been picked up, rinse with clean water. Oil, vinegar and lemon stains should be cleaned up right away, otherwise topical discoloration may occur. Pen and marker stains can be cleaned by rubbing and rinsing away. Rust can be cleaned by using an anti-rust sponge and rinsing with water.

Avoid rubber bottom cleaners, as they may cause staining. Avoid abrasive powders, wax or varnish, oil- based products, steam cleaners, cleaners with acetone or solvents and black soap.

Use protective pads, like felt, under chairs and table legs

Consider doormats at entry ways to prevent dirt and debris from tracking inside your home.

Tips for your DIY Project

LVP is a great product and can be excellently installed by your high-skilled, weekend warriors. But before considering a DIY install, make sure you-

Have the proper tools and equipment, acclimate the product to the home for the recommend amount of time, and prep the floors thoroughly before you being the install. This is extremely important. Imperfections will be noticed if not addressed. (If you’re looking to reduce the amount of floor prep, consider a WPC (Wood plastic Composite) which is composed of 4 layers as compared to LVP 3 layers)

Finding the right product for your home


Some times considered the heart of the home, a place where messes and life happen. Be sure to consider a product that is durable and low maintenance. Think luxury vinyl and other hard surfaces.


Small spaces, big impact, high traffic. A great place to play with fun patterns or textures. We’d recommend a low-pile carpet!


It’s all about preference here. Consider what type of surface you want to walk on when you’re barefoot and getting out of bed in the morning. Carpet can be a cost-effective way to freshen up and personalize your space. Think about the lighting, styles, textures and colors. Hypoallergenic carpets are a great option for those with allergies.

Family Rooms

The “All-Purpose” room of the home that sees a lot of action. You’ll want to think about the many uses this room serves for your family. Consider durability, comfort, maintenance and care efforts. Carpet can offer this space a level of comfort while you’re on the floor playing with the kids or while watching a movie and eating pizza on the couch. Perhaps you want a more formal use of this space. Hardwood, Engineered or a Luxury Vinyl offers a clean and classic look that can both be practical and elegant.


Luxury vinyl is a great option that looks great and cleans up easy. This waterproof floor can withstand moisture, scratches and spills and is extremely durable.